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Proper Tools for Proper Treatment: Diagnostics

at Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital

The veterinarians of Arlington Heights rely on a number of tools for effective diagnosis. We keep specialized equipment on hand to deal with diagnostic cases, and we also refer to specialists for advanced tests and lab work.

Pet Ultrasound & X-ray
Ultrasound and X-rays are an important part of our diagnostic process. These technologies allow us to gain valuable information on the inner workings of your pet's bodily systems, enabling us to get visual confirmation of veterinary diagnoses. They also allow for a high degree of clarity when examining organ, muscle, and bone function in animal companions. Our veterinarians can then use this information to precisely address specific internal issues, with the ability to archive ultrasound and X-ray readouts for recordkeeping and referral.
Veterinary Blood Work & Lab Tests
Pets at Arlington Heights are given access to complete blood work and blood chemistry panel services, along with many market-standard diagnostic tests. Urinalysis, fecal examinations, and skin analyses are included among our most frequently provided laboratory diagnostics. For highly detailed and advanced testing, our veterinarians refer to a trusted specialty laboratory for their expertise and ability to provide a wider range of even more specialized tests for our patients.
Cat & Dog Allergy Testing
We also are able to provide professional allergy testing for dogs and cats. These procedures have helped many of our patients facing complications due to extreme allergies and are sometimes a practical diagnostic solution to cases where an ill patient is experiencing little improvement. Pet allergies are not easily detectible by owners, and the source of an allergic reaction can be hard to pinpoint without the proper tools. To ensure the highest degree of accuracy in our allergy testing services, we choose to work with Liquid Gold, a professional canine and feline immunotherapy testing system and laboratory that specializes in pet allergy detection.

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