arlington heights veterinary hospital

Keeping Your Pet Healthy at Any Age:

Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital, Bloomington IN

The veterinarians at Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to caring for cats and dogs. For the health and wellness of your canine and feline family members, we offer specialized programs of care for puppies and kittens and senior dogs and cats.

Lifelong Pet Wellness

In their earliest and latest stages of life, our pets have some very important age-related needs. Puppies and kittens need to receive canine and feline booster shots most appropriate to their specific lifestyle, and senior pets require special attention to deal with the effects of an aging body. We do all we can to meet the unique needs of every pet with vaccinations, preventive care, and recommendations for wellness and home care that are best suited to your dog or cat.

Individualized Patient Treatment

Keeping the unique physiology of each patient in mind means we are able to address the individual needs of your pet at any age. No matter what stage of life your pet is in, our veterinarians have the experience and skill necessary to keep your animal companion in good health for years to come.

For questions on any pet health topic, please don't hesitate to give us a call today.