arlington heights veterinary hospital

Always at Your Side: 24-Emergency Veterinary Care

for Our Clients in Bloomington & Ellettsville IN

Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital offers 24-hour call-in emergency pet care for our current clients.

Pet Emergencies

At all hours, our on-call veterinarians are able to treat a range of emergency conditions in pets. Most commonly:

  • Serious injury—Cats and dogs hit by cars or otherwise injured get the urgent care they need
  • Severe illness—Quick diagnostics and medications to mitigate life-threatening conditions in very sick patients
  • Choking
  • Pet poisoning including snake bites

Emergency Pet Care Services

Getting a veterinary emergency under control requires quick thinking and effective action. In these pressing moments, Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital has the experience and tools necessary to keep your pet's health stable. Our emergency services include:

  • Emergency surgery
  • Trauma care
  • Pain management

While time is never on our side in these scenarios, we still make it a point to put the safety of your pet at the forefront of emergency treatment. Our number one responsibility to clients is to do what is best for their animal companions in a given situation. We will always do as much as we possibly can to stabilize a pet's condition during an emergency.

For more information on emergency care at Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital, please contact us.